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Why do we exist?

Like you, we wanted to say something without the receiving party knowing who sent it. Believe it or not this is harder than it sounds, with royal mail stamps, hand writing giving away the sender. With our service we can send your message via email while keeping you 100% anonymous.

For £1.00 we will send your message to anywhere in the world.

Send your Email

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    Why is my email required?

    This is for payment reference and to be used if we need anything clarified.

    Is this service 100% anonymous?

    Yes, our service is 100% anonymous so no one can find out whos sent it.

    What can I say?

    Anything you feel like you want to say but cannot normally say. This service offers you complete anonymity.

    How much?

    This service costs £1.00



    A safe way to send a message

    Providing a safe anonymous email service to keep your identity hidden.